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Unique Ingredients Ltd offers Red Arrow's technologically advanced Atomisation Systems to the UK food processing industry. Supported by Red Arrow, Unique Ingredients Ltd will undertake all aspects of technical advice, installation and training on all equipment.

Atomising purified smoke condensates allows an alternative to the traditional smoking process. By using compressed air a Red Arrow atomising system can produce a regenerated smoke cloud that is free from most tars, creosotes and carcinogenic materials. Using an existing smoke house, we are able to override a traditional smoke box and introduce the atomised cloud into the chamber.

The advantages of using smoke condensate atomisation systems are many, but include; greater consistency of colour and flavour, elimination of non-essential precipitants, greatly reduced cleaning costs, a cleaner taste, potential for increased yields, and elimination of burning wood in the factory.

Once introduced, the regenerated smoke cloud functions in exactly the same way as a traditional smoke cloud.

Unique Ingredients Ltd

5 Whittle Close

Drayton Fields Industrial Estate




T: 0044 1 327 876200

F: 0044 1 327 312712

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