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Liquid Flavour Systems

Liquid Flavour Systems are aqueous and oleo emulsion bases with natural essential oils and oleo-resins of herbs and spices. The unique emulsion base allows for a greater concentration of natural flavours to be utilised for enhanced value in use.


The products dissolve in water or oil in all proportions, and are shelf-stable for a minimum of 12 months. Allergen free (as per EU Directive 2003/89/EC) and virtually sterile, they are safe and effective to use.



  • Fish products - marinades, sauces, cook-in-bag and coatings.


  • Meat products - hams, sausages, burgers, pastramis, mortadellas, and fabricated portions.


  • Poultry products - added to brines for injection or tumble massage, and marinades.


  • Sauces - authentic ethnic flavours, mayonnaises, cook-in sauces, pickles, marinades, and spice blends.


  • Snack products - coatings, and flavour slurriesSoups - herbs, spices, and vegetables.Batters and breaders, coatings, nuggets, and fabricated portions.


Based upon a combination of natural essential oils and oleo-resins the flavour and aroma are consistent and authentic, delivering true flavour and performance. Cost effective and highly concentrated they offer reduced requirements for costly storage space in addition to convenience in use.

Please contact UNIQUE INGREDIENTS Limited for further details on any of the products listed

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