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Smoke Condensates

Unique Ingredients Ltd offers Red Arrow purified smoke condensates for a distinct smoke aroma that imparts a refined, savoury, rich flavour and colour. These are produced by condensing woodsmoke from selected hardwoods. Smoke preparations can be added to an assortment of food products such as meat, poultry, seafood, sauces, cheeses, snacks and petfood

Red Arrow purified smoke condensates are available in liquid, concentrated, oil-based, spray-dried, water-soluble and specialty formats.


The standard SmokEz range of products impart robust smoke notes with an excellent smoked appearance. The Enviro range gives a more refined smoke flavour with high browning characteristics

Methods of application include direct addition to the food product and surface applications such as atomization, in a range of formats including concentrated, brine soluble, water soluble, oil based or dry powder.


The advantages of using purified Smoke condensates include, increased flavour and colour effects, improved food quality and an elimination of emissions or pollutants apparent with a normal smoking process.

Please contact UNIQUE INGREDIENTS Limited for further details on any of the products listed

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