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Red Arrow offers a wide range of “cooked flavours” that imparts a delicious variety of cooked tastes to a variety of food products, such as meats, vegetables, snacks, spices, sauces and prepared meals.


Grill flavours range from a pure clean fatty note through to heavy chargrill notes associated with a barbeque. This imparts outdoor grill notes as well as covering undesirable flavours caused by certain ingredients such as starches and vegetable proteins.

The Roast flavours range include roast chicken, pit roasted pork and a deliciously slow roasted prime rib of beef. All of the flavours have been developed to give your products that special authenticity note associated with regional cooking styles.

Red Arrow cooked flavour preparations are produced by carefully controlled heat treatments of oils and fats. They can be utilised to create rich and savoury notes. They are also stable at high temperatures, pourable at room temperature, cost effective to use and some can be spray-dried.


These products are well suited for addition to seasoning blends and marinade systems, as well as direct application into food preparations. Certain oil-based grill flavours can be modified to create a water-soluble version that provides increased ease of incorporation in various types of food and meat applications. The resultant water-soluble grill flavours come in a variety of mixed hardwoods.

Grill, Chargrill and Roast Flavours

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